The project is over and the client has moved in. She is elated, which is all I could have asked for after what seemed to be a bumpy ride. It took a month longer than estimated. In retrospect, the duration seemed to fly by.


Other good news: we had the project professionally photographed, by Paul O’Connor, a local photographer known for portraits; he did a beautiful job with the house.

Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
oconner distorted
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor
Paul O’Connor

I like the distorted panoramas because they give you a sense of what the whole room looks like, which is hard to do without the proper lens.

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To try and publish or not to try publish?

Other Home.

I have been back in LA for two weeks now, with nary a moment to breathe. I started working at a new firm; the office is three blocks from my house, so I literally don’t have to drive anywhere, which is a feat in the City of Cars. I like to think I manifested that “commute”. Living close to work is the only way to stay sane in this city.


The new office.

Anyway, since leaving New Mexico, I have been contemplating keeping the blog up and running, and with input from people whose opinion I care about deeply, they strongly urged me to keep it going. It saddened me to think of the blogs termination, simply because the project had ended. However, what I had intended for this blog to do all along, was to work for me – and that it did. Since launching the blog, I have had some serious (and some not so serious) inquires about design projects. Consequently, there is a guesthouse is well on its way (we just completed the bid set) and a house is in the Design Development phase; both of which I will introduce more thoroughly (and with the owners permission) at a later date.

I truly appreciate your companionship on this journey. Now, onto the next thing(s)!

P.S. The owner of the house just wrapped has decided to keep the name Mollhaus for her estate (I am honored). However, it raises the issue: should the blog continue with this eponymous title or leave it behind, to settle into its new designation? Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. nice-happy for you

    Ed Bell When you do something, you should be completely involved in it. You should devote yourself to it completely. When your mind is wandering about elsewhere you have no chance to express yourself. But if you limit your activity to what you can do just now, in this moment, then you can express fully your true nature, which is the universal Buddha-nature. This is our way.

    ~ Shunryu Suzuki ~


  2. I have so enjoyed your blog/journey. The house is so beautiful! I hope you will continue the blog. X

  3. Keep the name for the blog, and let everyone who has a “Mollhaus” use it as well!
    Great job – looking forward to the next one…

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