Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, Molly found herself yearning to move out of state to attend College. She first moved to San Francisco to attend the University of San Francisco, where she fell in love with Architecture. Here she realized, in order to pursue her career, she needed to transfer to a school with an established architecture program; so, she returned to the Land of Enchantment and graduated from the University of New Mexico with her Bachelor of Art in Architecture. After undergrad, California was still beckoning, so she moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California, where she received her Masters of Architecture. All the while, during her secondary education, she toured Central America, North America, and Europe. The experience of living in and traveling to other places has played a significant role in her understanding of design and her style of Architecture.



Molly also grew up around construction. Her father was a contractor so, from an early age, she was exposed to the building process and finds that it is one of her favorite parts of architecture. Understanding construction also exercises a “problem solving/solution finding” muscle that is an integral part of design.


Over the last decade, she has worked on everything from temporal architectural installations, design competitions, educational, medical, custom residential, multi-family residential, and institutional projects. All scales of architecture excite Molly and she likes the challenge of moving amongst different size projects.


Currently, Molly is thrilled to be living and working in the state that she grew up in. She finds endless inspiration in the landscape and the culture unique to New Mexico. Practicing in a state rich with natural beauty and history, inspires her to create architecture that reflects the environment and will similarly stand the test of time. Mixing the historical architectural language of New Mexico with the modern amenities of contemporary design, Molly is exited to develop her style and express herself through the buildings she creates.,