Progress in Medenales

I have assumed a very different role in this project: I visit the project once a month as the architect, versus, previously being at the job site every day, as the construction manager. It feels strange to have such little involvement, but it’s also a tremendous learning experience in trusting the contractor to understand my […]

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The project is over and the client has moved in. She is elated, which is all I could have asked for after what seemed to be a bumpy ride. It took a month longer than estimated. In retrospect, the duration seemed to fly by. Other good news: we had the project professionally photographed, by Paul […]

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You guys – we are nixing the exterior stucco finish and going with paper envelopes! What do you think? Just kidding! The term “envelope” in the building industry generally refers to “thermal envelope,” which is a combination of materials that separates interior from exterior – or conditioned space from the elements. For example, the wall’s thermal envelope […]

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